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Financial Education

At The Investing Equestrian, we acknowledge the importance of achieving financial stability as an equestrian. We created this platform to make financial education easily accessible to any equestrian who seeks it. Our complementary (yes, we mean it) in person or remote educational sessions are designed to address the specific financial considerations that come from pursuing the equestrian lifestyle. Whether you're a barn owner, rider, parent, equine professional, or part of a group seeking valuable insights, our educational resources and dynamic discussions help you make informed financial decisions. 


Ready to become a financially savvy equestrian?


Click "Inquire" on any of the below topics and a dedicated Investing Equestrian team member will contact you. 

Saving & Budgeting

Horses are a lifestyle choice and managing their care and your equestrian dreams can sometimes be a financial balancing act. That's where we come in. Whether you're a horse or business owner, riding instructor, or an equine entrepreneur, we will assist you in creating realistic budgets, planning for future growth, and making informed financial decisions. With our help, you can focus on what you love while we take care of the numbers.

Tax Strategy

We understand that being an equestrian is more than just a hobby—it's a significant financial commitment. This session is geared towards assisting you in maximizing your benefits when it comes to taxes. Our team provides tax-efficient investment management strategies, and we're connected with CPAs who specialize in equine tax planning. Whether it's deductions for horse-related expenses or setting up your equine business for the best tax efficiency, we've got you covered.


Horses are more than just a passion; they're a significant investment. During this session, our team will delve into your equestrian journey, assess your current financial situation, and educate you on various strategic financing options. Whether you’re seeking funds for growth or investment, purchasing a home or property, or improving daily cash management, our team will help you realize your equestrian goals while freeing up cash flow and ensuring a healthy bottom line.


While investing in the equine industry can be profitable, it's equally important to build personal assets, including retirement accounts, for financial security. In this session, we'll assess your financial landscape, providing investment solutions to maximize returns while minimizing risks. Whether it's developing your equine business, planning for retirement, or securing funding for the next endeavor, we consider your financial picture as a whole, creating a comprehensive financial plan aligned with your personal and equestrian lifestyle.

Horse Ownership 

Our team frequently receives questions relating to the financial side of horse ownership. Is it financially better for me to buy or lease a horse? Should I spend the money to get a PPE (Pre-Purchase Exam) done? How much money should I have in my emergency savings before I decide to buy? Can I even afford a horse right now? In this session, our team will assist you in answering these questions from both a rational, financial, and empathetic perspective.

Retirement & Estate Planning

Our team understands that planning for the future in the horse world is different, and we're here to help. In this session, we'll go through things like retirement, wills, and trusts, considering the special needs of your horse, business, and family. Our goal is to provide you with efficient estate planning and retirement strategies in order to safeguard your assets and ensure a lasting legacy that reflects your equestrian values.

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